Sunday, January 25, 2015

Apple Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped, Pork Roast.

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest (go figure) andI neglected to actually pin it....but I can remember the picture very well. It was a pork roast of sorts stuffed with Apple slices and wrapped in bacon (If I can find the post in the future I will link it). I decided to make my own.

Please do hate my terrible iPad pictures. We just got a new refurbed computer so I will actually get to use my camera and upload pictures again! Yay!

(Very "ish" recipe to follow) Now remember, you can use so many different variations of spices for this dish. I went crazy and used all sorts of things and I'd do it again in a heart beat. This was super yum! I think the only thing I'd change would be the amount of apples (Id use more) and add some onions to the crock pot. 


Grab a port roast of sorts, I actually think this was country fried ribs without the bones, but I also have loin that I could have used as well. Cut some slices in the roast.

Then stuff it with apples. Next time I'll try something a bit harder and use more overall. These were red apples (two different kinds) and very soft. 

Season it up. Slap Ya Mama is awesome, it's got some kick but it's super salty so becareful. 

Put some apples in the bottom of your crockpot. This is where I'd add more apples and place the onions. 

Wrap it in bacon, any bacon will do, and throw it in the crock pot with a stick of butter on top and a cup or so of water. Not too much, you want the pork juices and butter to blend with the apples (and onions), and spices. 

Put it on low for 6-8 hours (cooking times vary depending on your machine, I have to cook my stuff forever!!!!!) and then shred it all up. 

I won't lie, if I'd have made my own Apple infused bbq sauce, this would have made amazing pulled pork sandwiches. Oh my! 

Serve it with your favorite sides and you are done! It's probably not the healthies dish, but it sure was good. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kat update

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since updating and I must say, life is very different! We left SD and ad made our way to AR only to be hit by a giant super storm/tornado that scared the bejesus out of us, so ewe left. Our trip brought us back to FL, not exactly what we had in kind but it's what needed to happen at that moment. So here we are, in sunny Florida, soaking up the rays, enjoying life, and figuring out where to go next (no we don't plan on staying).

Since being here I've made lots and lots of cool things (the hubbs made me a sewing table/craft area in your rental house) for the girls, myself, and our newest addition due this fall. Yep, I said it....newest addition. Yay! So enjoy the pics. I hope to upload more cool stuff in the future. For now you can follow me on Pinterest or Facebook, where all the cool kids are these days!

Okay so enjoy the pics, they aren't the best as I find myself once again in a hole of a room, but they were fun to make!

This is the Party Dress by Cottage Momma Home.

This is the Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews. (Not quite finished)

And this is my new purse (or giant bag)! It's a Swoon pattern, The Blanche Barrel Bag and I love her. 
I have a ton of other patterns by Swoon, I think I'll try them all!!!

Okay well that's it for today! Have you made anything lately? Since moving from the rv to a house all I've done is sew, it makes me happy. Oh, and if you have a good way to blog with blogger via the IPad please let me know. I used the blogger app and had to also go on safari in order to do everything that needed to be done (link sites, add pictures, etc.). So any tips is appreciated! :)

Enjoy the day!!!


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is a'changing

Last time I blogged I said that we were staying in the hills and building a tiny house, well life has thrown us another curve ball and plans have changed. We did build the tiny house and we are helping install a (giant) windmill, but then we are heading out. 

Now that the weather is nice and there isn't any snow in the ground, the kids are outside, getting muddy and having fun!! The hubbs built a pallet fort for them and they made it into this magical "little house" thing. There is a clothes line for hanging clothes, a fire pit for pretend fires and to roast pretend marshmallows, a fence, a garden,  there's all kinds if stuff that they've made. 

So for now we play and build until we move along to the next adventure. Below you will find some pictures of the windmill, tiny house, and the pallet fort! Enjoy!

The tiny house as complete as it will get while we are here. To get this far it took them about a month, not even.

The windmill almost up.

The pallet fort, complete with all the fixins from their imagination. 

Seeing them outside playing and creating is one of my favorite things in life. It is wonderful to see all the amazing things they come up with!

Is it still cold where you are, or are you enjoying the beach like all my friends back home? 

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

~ Kat ~

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Staying in the Hills

Well, or lives are changing yet again! The goal was to stay in the rv and travel from job to job until we found the perfect place to live, little did we know that one of our first stops was the "perfect place."

Our journey took us to Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is very windy and super harsh. But the people were really nice and the city had lots of cool things to offer. When we went on vacations we would go visit my In Laws, who live in the Black Hills. Everytime we came here it felt like we were coming home. We went to the Hills for Thanksgiving and planned on staying till we transfered (hopefully) to Arkansas, but there was a HUGE freeze with negative temperatures and the rv stopped working. So we sat down and made the decision to stay here, make a career change (for my husband), and find a place to call home. Since the rv doesnt work as it should and we plan on staying here for a while, we are going to build a tiny house!!! Production starts today and Im thrilled about all of it. This house will be a no thrills kind of thing, but there will be so many Pinterest projects that I will get to FINALLY do inside the house and out!! I look forward to blogging about our journey and all the projects I/we will be doing. The goal is to have a house that we can pick up and move once we buy a piece of land out here (near my In Laws as thats the point of being out here), so the house will be "move ready" and self sustanible if/when its moved. We will have access to electric here but it will be heated but a wood burning stove and there will be a cistern in the loft area for our water supply. Im very excited at having a tiny house to make new memories in and the thought of having our own bedroom is a bonus!!

Our supplies being delivered.

This is for the shell of the house

Thanks for stopping by. Do you live in a tiny house or hope to have one one day?


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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chicken and Mushroom Crockpot Soup

Lately its been pretty chilly and since I'm used to summer all year long, I finally have an excuse to use my crockpot all the time these days!  I remember being a kid and my dad always making this Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup with rice and/or potatoes, oh boy was it amazing. So I looked around and found (and tried) a few different versions but the simplest one was the best.

This serves a lot as my crockpot holds 7 quarts and I make a ton to feed my husband who eats like a teenager. He also takes the left overs to work, so this meal doubles as dinner and lunch. Yay!

The ingredients are

  1. 1-2 lbs Chicken. You can use breasts, thighs, whatever you have. I had leg quarters (two big ones) so I put them right into the pot, frozen, skin, and all. (once they were cooked I took off the skin and shredded them, adding the meat back to the pot. This happened a few hours after cooking started)
  2. 1 Family Sized can of Cream of Mushroom soup (you could use 3 or 4 smaller cans if you cant find the bigger ones)
  3.  Water ~ I use the can in the previous step and fill it up about 1.5 times
  4. 1 lb of Mushrooms ~ washed and chopped (I use as much as I have, that could mean 2 lbs or more since Im a mushroom fan)
  5. 4-8  potatoes, a couple pounds worth ~ chopped (depending on your crock pot depends on the size, I cut mine small)
  6. 1 chicken bullion cube
  7. 1 med sized onion ~ chopped (again, depending on your crock pot depends on your sized cuts)
  8. Salt and Pepper to taste (I dont add a whole lot of Salt and Pepper as I usually add it to my bowl at the end)

Add everything to the pot and let it cook for 4-6 hours on High (check the potatoes to make sure they are soft, if so, its done). If you want to add rice, just make a pot of it and pour the soup overtop.

Note: Yes, for the cooking time I said high. My crockpot cooks very slow so I have to chop everything up into tiny pieces and cook it for 4-6 hours or chop it regular (like 1 inch pieces) and cook it for 6-8 hours.

You can pair this with a yummy piece of bread, a side salad, or some steamed broccoli and that would round out your meal!!

Print the recipe from Ziplist ~ Chicken and Mushroom Crockpot Soup

Do you have a favorite recipe for the crockpot?

Thanks for stopping by!


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Veggie Soup

Ive recently decided to make my lunches very easy, in that I make myself veggie soup and eat it all day or save some for the next day. (It really depends on how much I make as to whether or not I eat it all) The goal is to make a light soup that I can eat a lot of and not feel guilty about, sort of like a Ww "free" soup. You have to be careful in doing that because depending on what you add depends on the amount of points. And let me state, I am NOT currently doing Ww, but I love (and still think) that most veggies are free!!

So try it out, its very easy. Dont get caught up in the types of veggies I have in my soup or how much. The point is to have fun with it and gobble it up!!!

Heres what's in it:

Lots of veggies
1 cup Carrots
1 cup Broccoli
.5 cup Celery
1 cup Cabbage
2-3 cups water (depending on the size of your pot)
1 packet/cube of chicken bullion (or veggie or non at all, totally optional)
Salt and Pepper according to your taste
.5 cup quinona (this is optional, I did this to give it a little more "something" than just veggies, omit if you dont have or you could add rice or some noodles)

Once you have everything (again, have fun with the veggies!) cut up all the ingredients and all them to the pot. Add the water, quinona, and the bullion, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer until everything (mostly the carrots) is tender enough to eat.
Pour into a bowl and enjoy.

This is a super easy recipe and one that is suppose to include veggies that arent all that fattening or high in starch (think of it as a "free" soup from Ww). I make this alot and just throw in whatever veggies I have on hand.

You can print the Vegetable Soup here, from Ziplist.

Have you been making soup lately or have you made some similar? Id love to compare notes!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How I've come to organize my Family Folder

This year has been totally crazy for me, so I'm trying to get more organized so 2014 doesn't take me by surprise. In my attempts to get organized, I've been scouring Pinterest trying to find the perfect organizational folder for me and the printable sheets to go along with it. While I found some really good ones, my menu planning area was coming up short. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are some really awesome menu planners out there, but I have a format that I use (pen to paper type) which I write in my notebook, but I always forget something, or don't write down where I got a recipe from, or cant find the Pin, arrg! I usually end up with some random ingredients and no recipe. Like right now I have cans of pineapple and Chinese 5 spice, no recipes. Ill use them and they wont go to waste (Im using the 5 spice tonight in the crock pot!), but this is a typical thing for me to do, so I need to get organized.

This is what my spiral bound, typical week looks like. Id like to keep the pages but the kids use the notebook too and they eventually get ripped out. This is why I need my own "grown up" folder.

My lists, I go to Sams and Walmart

The back side has my meals, I do 10 to 14 at a time.

Here is my pretty notebook that I use. The categories inside are (pics included)

Calendar ~ The front page is a 16 month calendar with all our important dates highlighted as well as a two page spread for each month with more details on "whats going on" monthly.

Two page planner found here, at
Cooking ~ This is where all my meal planning happens, shopping lists, etc. (there are MANY meal plan pages that I've printed, I have the pics and Ill post links. At the end Ill have a link to the doc I made that Ill use the most)

This one and the next picture/meal planner can be
found here at CreativiDee (Shes got lots of cool printables)


Grocery list from Orchard Girls

Meal planning page from Counting Change Again

Grocery Shopping List by A Personal Organizer

And here is a link to the page I made. I hope to add some more "character" to it soon, this was just something I quickly whipped up. I hope you enjoy it!

You can find the link for it here. Please let me know if it doesnt work,
Ive never used Google Docs like this before and it was quite frustrating. 

Cleaning ~ I really like using The Fly Lady, but since I don't have a house and I need a more rv specific cleaning schedule I used another print out by Donna Young that was editable so I could just input my on stuff (shes amazing, if you don't already know that)

Link found here at

This one is a November cleaning chart from Clean Mama 

Finances ~ My husband and I are very "into" tracking and watching our finances. (Im not sure which one I like yet, I might make one of these for myself as well using Google Docs?)

Monthly Budget found at Sissy Print

Link found at Buttoned Up.
This is a great site with lots of printables, this one and the Holiday Gift Budget pictured
below can be found on the same page under Productivity and Self Improvement. 

I really need a Holiday Budget because its that time of year again and
since I make my gifts I need a tally of where they are
 coming from and  how much they cost.
 Buttoned Up
Random ~ This has my Bible Stuff papers, Blog Planner, and our Personal Interview and Family Council pages.
Bible Reading Chart found at The Things Hannah Loves

The Personal Interview and Family Council pages can be
found at Parenting with Professor Poppins
This blog planner page and the one below can be found at
Dreaming of the Country

Dreaming of the Country

(empty slot) ~ something cool will end up in here, maybe recipes that we use a lot?

Family ~ This is where I keep our attendance records for school as well as the kids shot records. Its a homeschool slot of sorts. If you'd like some printables for homeschool you can find some good ones over at

RV Docs ~ Here I keep all our rv documents that aren't in the GIANT folder that came with the rv. Stuff like our bill or sale for the tow dolly, the receipts for all the places we have stayed at and printouts for places to stay in the future. Anything rv related.

I also got this little gem from Buttoned Up. I like the format but I need one with 7 days, maybe I can make one of those as well? We shall see.

You can find this one at Buttoned Up and under the section
Kids and School

And that's it!! I just finished making this yesterday so a lot of the pages are blank. So far I'm happy with the schedule we are keeping and all the "planning" that's been going on. (I even wrote a blog post, points for me!)

Again, if my Google Docs linky thing doesn't work please let me know, or maybe you can lead me in the right direction on how to publish Google docs to blogger?

Thanks for stopping by!!


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